“Every artist was first an amateur.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Artist Statement

    My artistic practice is a combination of elements, techniques, and materials working together to tell a story. I aim to connect people across cultures, age, time and space.  I use my art to create a dialogue, share narratives,  and to communicate with others. To achieve this I develop art that is meaningful, expressive, and share stories that connect and bring us together. I aim to send viewers to a time they have experienced something similar and can remember how and what they felt. My art is a positive reminder of the past and giving hope for the future. 

    Art is a form of self care with a therapeutic process and outcome. I use my art as a coping mechanism where I can worth through problems, release emotion, and improve my well-being. Creating art can be a helpful distraction keeping hand busy and minds engaged especially during a global pandemic.  I hope to inspire others to pursue artistic avenues and use art to explore their inner selves. The creative process has given me a voice and I plan to use my voice to pay it forward. 

    The artworks I create are mixed media originals that are called Patched Paintings.To create my art, I blend both fine art and crafting in my practice. I achieve this by interweaving stereotypical mediums and techniques that are considered both "feminine" and "masculine".   This unification demonstrates their equal beauty and importance. Patches are created from fabrics, threads, and embellishments to provide desired color, texture, and details. These patches are then mended into acrylic paintings on stretched canvas to create Patched Paintings.

     The materials I combine to produce my art range from raw, purchased, and re-purposed. These elements help contribute to the subject matter and  meaning. Objects and materials represent memories, people, and places. They hold the history of our lives which is why I incorporate sentimental materials into my art which can transform their memories. Possessions become extensions of ourselves and I re-purposed them to create works that are memorable, distinct and personal. I intend for my art to bring as much comfort and joy to its audience as it did for me to develop, produce and create.


"The materials I use are absolutely essential to the work I make."

David batchelor


Want to know more


      I have been exclusively painting with GOLDEN acrylic paints since university. GOLDEN strives for excellence making their products with permanency, amazing pigment qualities and more. I also add GOLDEN mediums into my paint to change the texture and appearance. ( I am not affilliated with Golden). To learn more about Golden an their products you can check out here www.goldenpaints.com.  

    The fabrics and embellishments I use in my work add texture, details, and personality to my art.  These materials can be bought, found, and repurposed. The fabrics sewn into the canvas  vary from felt, cotton to nylon/spandex blends. Clients can incorporate their own personal materials that hold meaning or memory. 

    I take the time to ensure the protection and lifespan of each Patched Painting I create. The back of all paintings are sealed and fabric added to protect the stitching work done into the canvas itself.  


How to care for your Patched Painting

* Dust with a soft rag to prevent dust build up (do not use chemicals or water).

* Keep artwork out of direct sunlight.

* Do not lean anything against or on the canvas.

*Do not wrap canvas in plastic for a prolonged period of time.